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CONSOLES (pictures)
(1) Soundcraft Expression 3 32 Digital Console
    Second Soundcraft Expression 3 or Behringer X32 available when needed. (rented)
(1) Presonus Studiolive 24ch Digital Console
(1) Mackie SR-40 40ch Console (retired but still available)
(2) Behringer MX-3282 24ch Consoles (retired but still available)
(1) Behringer MX-9000 24ch Console (retired but still available)
(1) Behringer PMP5000 12ch, 1200w powered Console (retired)
Also have access to an Allen and Heath GL4800 console in most cases (if you need a BIG analog console)

(1) Crest ProLite 2.0
(5) Crest ProLite 7.5
(2) Behringer NU4-6000
(1) Peavey Deca-528
(3) Peavey IPR3000
(1) QSC RMX-850
(3) QSC RMX-1450
(2) QSC RMX-2450
(3) Behringer EP-1500
(2) Crown MA-1200 (sold)
(2) Crown MA-2400 (sold)
(4) Crown MA-3600 (sold)

SPEAKERS (pictures)
(8) JBL 4852 Concert Series Tops
            (12" 2206 x 2 JBL Drivers w/2" JBL 2450 horns)
(8) JBL 4842 Concert Series Subs
            (18" 2241 x 2 JBL Drivers)
(2) JBL MR-922 Compact Mains
(10) Behringer F1542 Monitors
(4) Behringer B212 Monitor/Mains
(3) Peavey 12" Impulse
(4) Peavey SP2
(4) Peavey 118sub
(4) Peavey Tripod Speaker Stands
(2) Peavey Project 2 Horn Loaded Stacks (if you really want old school
(2) Peavey FH-2 Horn Loaded Subs (if you really want old school)
OUTBOARD GEAR (pictures)
(1) Alesis 830 8ch Digital EQ (retired but still available)
(2) Behringer XR-4400 Ultragate 4ch Gates (retired but still available)
(2) Behringer MDX-4600 Ultracom Pro XL 4ch compressors (retired but still available)
(2) Behringer Ultrafex II EX-2100 (retired but still available)
(2) Alesis 3630 2ch Compressors (retired but still available)
(1) Lexicon MX-200 Effects Processor (retired but still available)
(1) Peavey AddVerb II Effects Processor (retired but still available)
(1) Alesis MicroBerb III Effects Processor (retired but still available)
(1) Aleses MicroVerb 4 Effects Processor (retired but still available)
(1) Digitech 128 Effects Processor (retired but still available)
(1) SoundTech ST62EQ Stereo EQ (retired but still available)

(1) Shure ULX SM-58 Wireless
(1) Shure SC Series SM-58 Wireless
(8) Shure SM-58
(5) Shure SM-57
(2) Shure Beta-52
(1) Shure PG-52
(5) Shure PG56 Drum Mics
(2) Shure PG-81 Condenser Mics 
(2) Audio Technia ATM33R Condenser Mics 
(2) CAD CM217 Concenser Mics
(2) Nady DM Series Condenser Mics
(10) Nady DM Series Drum Mics
(2) Peavey PVM 45 Mics

(1) Soundcraft 32x8 Digital Snake Box with 200' Cable
(1) Horizon 100' 24x4 w/split
(1) Beldon 150' 16x3 w/split
(1) Beldon 100' 16x3
(1) Horizon 100' 8x4 Powered Snake
(2) Beldon 125' 6ch Return Snakes 
(2) 8ch 30' Sub Snakes
(1) 8ch 50' Fan to Fan patch snake
LIGHTING (pictures)
(24) Chavet Polished Par64 cans
(16) ADJ Black Par 56 Cans
(4) ADJ Polished Par 56 Cans
(12) 36x3w Led Par Cans
(3) Blizzard ICE60 Moving Heads
32' Triangle Truss - Global Trus available on request (rented)
(2) 15' Crank Stands
(2) 12' Crank Stands
(4) 12' ADJ Tripod Stands w/T Bars
(10) Truss Mount Dimmers
(1) Elation Scene Setter 24ch Console 
(1) Elation DMX Operator Pro Console
PC DMX Control via Q Lights Plus software.
Also have access to other lighting equipment, services and personnel

(2) Sony TRV-350 Digital 8mm Cameras
(1) Sony DSC 325 Hi8 Professional Camera
(1) Panasonic WJ-MX5 2ch Video Mixer
(1) Panasonic WJ-MX12 2ch Video Mixer
(1) Emerson 19" LCD TV/Monitor
(1) 3000 Lumen Short Throw Video Projector
Also have access to other video equipment, projectors, screens, services and personnel

Toshiba, Sony and Acer Laptops with Sports Sounds Pro, OTS DJ, OTS Turntables, and other Misc Music and Karaoke software.

HP 6510b Laptop with Presonus Capture for multitrack recording and VSL for remote mixing of Presonus Console.

Portable Stage (pictures)
The Portable Stage pictured in some of my show photos, although not belonging to me, is available in most cases if not already booked for another show. The stage is 32' wide and 16' deep and requires a resonably level spot for setup. It is only suitable for outdoor use, unless you have a really big indoor arena with drive in access. The top four pictures in the Shows Album are of this stage. Contact me for more details.