Blast From The Past

If you are a musician or sound person, do you remember where you started? What equipment you started with? I didn't just walk into, or go out and buy a complete sound company. I started from the ground up, and learned all along the way what it takes to provide excelent sound. Here's some pictures of some of the things I started with! Hope you find them interesting. Maybe some of them will bring back good memories of the roads you have been down! :-)

My first mixer. A Peavey PA-9. The one that started it all. (Thanks Terry R.) Built around 1972. Still Works! Any of you ole boys around Nashville remember playing on this thing. I think it made the rounds before I ever owned it! And I still have it.

 My second mixer. A Peavey Super Festival Series 24 Channel. Never knew much about this board. The guy I bought it from claimed they only made 12 of these??? And that one of them went down on the plane with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Skynyrd did use a lot of peavey gear from watching the old videos, so anyone know if there's any truth to that??? Never the less, I never used it for a show before trading it off for a pair of SP-1s. Was just too big for my wife and I to handle. And, it took up the whold back end of our mini van! 

This was my third board. A Peavey MKIII. (Thanks Mark P.) The third board came along within a year of the first one. Now I had something usable. I really liked this board at the time and used it for about 10 years. I really only moved on because it couldn't do things I was beginning to need. Still have it.

 My first speakers. Peavey C-700. (thanks Doug M.) Didn't do to much sound with them before moving to bigger speakers, but have used them for DJing and smaller sound jobs. Must be pretty tough, they still have all the original drivers. Rated at 100w, but have used them pegged out on a 1200w amp... hmmm.  Still have these too.

My second speakers. The infamous Peavey SP-1s. Needless to say, (back in those days) I was impressed. They were really loud! Used for a while then traded off later on.

 First Monitors

 First Power Amp. (Thanks Mark P.) Lord these things were tough, and HEAVY.

 First atempt at lighting control. I built this box complete with internal relays, and a remote pendant w/100' of cable to control the lights from the board. Crude but effective.

Second attemp at lighting. An ETA light board and analog dimmers.

First big job I ever did, July 4th 1989. All I owned were the speakers in the middle, one power amp and a mixer. I borrowed everything else I could find from my friends who had bands. (Thanks Roy O. and Clint H.) Show actually came off pretty god considering my lack of experience.

First attempt at an on stage monitor mixer. At the time, I didn't know there was such a thing until one of the bands required it. So, I went out and bought the first one I found.

Here's another interesting item I used to own. A Peavey Roadmaster guitar amp. Part of the Super Festival Series. 200 watts of raw tube power. Got it in the deal with the first set of speakers I bought. (Thanks Doug M.) However, since I was not a guitar player, I traded it off for some more speakers. Wish I had have kept it. I see stacks of these things now in the old Lynyrd Skynyrd videos. Hmmm, the things I just didn't know in those days.....